Alan Dershowitz to Newsmax TV: Dems ‘Crying Wolf’ Over Constitutional Crisis

There is no constitutional crisis in sight despite what Democrats claim, attorney Alan Dershowitz told Newsmax TV.

During an appearance on Wednesday’s “Newsmax Now,” Dershowitz was discussing the upcoming Senate Intelligence Committee hearing with Donald Trump Jr. when the aforementioned issue was raised.

“The one thing this is not is any kind of a constitutional crisis,” Dershowitz said of the hearing, which will take place in mid-June. “The system is working. Congress is doing what it does, the executive branch is doing what it does, and ultimately the courts will do what they do. That’s the way our system of checks and balances is supposed to work.

“I think the Democrats are crying wolf when they talk about a constitutional crisis. We’re very far from that.”

The Republican-led committee invited Trump Jr. to testify, and he struck a deal with the panel this week. The hearing will last four hours and will not be public.

“It’s unclear to me why they did it. Perhaps it will be a friendly series of questions from the Republicans, but then, of course, the Democrats have a chance to ask their questions,” Dershowitz said.

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