Ernst: Tariffs Causing Farmers’ Woe But Trump Did ‘Right Thing’

Sen. Joni Ernst, R-Iowa, agreed Tuesday the tariffs involved in the growing U.S.-China trade war have caused serious financial difficulties in her home state of Iowa, but insisted President Donald Trump is doing the right thing.

“China needs to be a good trade partner with us,” Sen. Ernst told Fox Business’ “Mornings With Maria.” “They have treated the United States horribly for many years. With the theft of intellectual property, and forced technology transfers, and utilization of products, it’s a national security risk when we look at technology.”

However, the tariffs have made life difficult on Iowa’s hog and soybean farmers, Ernst said, and she has heard from many of them.

“That’s why we need a deal with China soon, but you know what, the president, he is doing the right thing,” Ernst said. “We had moved along so well, and China went back on everything they had agreed to. So, the president is using the tariffs as leverage, but I’m telling you, our farmers are feeling the pinch.”

Meanwhile, the president’s executive order on foreign technology and the decision to blacklist China’s Huawei might cause some difficulties with U.S. telecoms, particularly in rural areas that use Huawei’s technology.

The United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) will create jobs, Ernst said, calling on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to bring the matter to the floor for a vote.

“In Iowa, it’s very important,” Ernst said. “One in five jobs is tied directly to trade and Canada and Mexico are two of our largest trading partners.”

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