Nancy Pelosi speaks to reporters as White House gears up for latest immigration battle

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is addressing reporters at her weekly press conference on Capitol Hill as the Trump administration is set to unveil its latest iteration of immigration reform. 

A senior administration official told CBS News that the president’s proposal aims to alter the composition of incoming legal immigrants, with a focus on increasing the share of highly skilled immigrants. The plan also calls for improving physical border security.

The plan, which currently does nothing to protect Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival (DACA) recipients, is expected to draw little support from Democrats who have railed against the administration’s lack of support for so-called DREAMers. 

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Pelosi is also speaking as Democratic lawmakers have widely condemned a near-total abortion ban passed by Alabama state lawmakers. The speaker said in a statement on Wednesday, “Alabama’s new law is heartbreaking. Imprisoning doctors and punishing women over access to vital, legal medical care is a staggering violation of both basic morality and constitutional rights.”

She added, “Every woman has the right to basic reproductive health care – yet Republicans have trampled over a long-standing constitutional right in their haste to push a radical anti-woman agenda. This clear and intentional violation of the Constitution directly imperils the health of countless women, and cannot be allowed to stand.”

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