Trump announces immigration proposal in White House Rose Garden — live updates

Trump to unveil new immigration plan

President Trump will talk about his plan to prioritize high-skilled immigrants and restrict family-based migration at the White House on Thursday, but the proposal is still light on details. 

Mr. Trump’s 2:30 p.m. Rose Garden rollout will present “his thoughts” on immigration, a senior administration official told reporters Thursday. But it won’t include anything to protect undocumented immigrants who arrived as children, it’s unclear if a single Democrat has been consulted, and some Republicans have offered tepid responses to the proposal. 

The administration official could not offer a timeline for releasing text of the proposal, saying it would be released when it’s ready. 

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“Right now this is the Trump plan. We’re hoping this will become the Republican plan,” said the senior administration official who briefed reporters on the outline of the plan Wednesday. 

The official said the White House thinks it has a good sense of where many Democrats stand, but intends to put the proposal out and gauge the reaction. “Let’s see” what happens from there, the official said.

The White House says the proposal would tighten family-based migration to focus on allowing nuclear families to migrate to the U.S., rather than extended family members. It would also encourage those with bachelor’s degrees, relevant vocational degrees or higher levels of education to come to the U.S. and stay, rather than returning to their home countries once they’re done with their education, the senior administration official said. 

The senior administration official who briefed reporters Thursday said the “president’s mandate to us is come up with something” detailed that can unify Republicans. 

But can it pass?

“Maybe we can, maybe we can’t. But we’re going to try like hell,” the senior administration official said. 

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