Pain ‘never goes away’: Ron Goldman’s sister, father speak to ‘GMA’ on anniversary of death

LOS ANGELES — In what would later be known as “The Trial of the Century,” O.J. Simpson’s ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and her friend Ron Goldman were killed on June 12, 1994.

On that night, 25-year-old Ron went to his friend’s Los Angeles home to return a pair of glasses to her. Hours later, he and Brown Simpson were found brutally stabbed to death.

Exactly 25 years later, Ron’s younger sister, Kim, is revisiting the ensuing trial in her new podcast “Confronting O.J. Simpson.” She spoke to prosecutor Marcia Clark, LAPD detective Tom Lange and Simpson house guest Kato Kaelin.

In the podcast, Kim Goldman revealed that she had a chance encounter with a man she believed to be Simpson in a parking lot years after he was acquitted of the murders.

“I was by myself in my car. I saw that gait … that I had been following for so many years,” she told “Good Morning America.” “I revved the engine and I gripped the steering wheel thinking I could take him out right here and nobody would know.”

Kim said the dark thought was only a fleeting and not something she would ever do.

She told “GMA” in an exclusive interview Wednesday that part of the reason she did the podcast was to face her fears head-on.

“I just wanted to go full force this year,” Kim told “GMA.” “Face some of my fears, face some of my anxiety.”

She said she wanted to go right to the sources themselves to understand for herself what happened during the trial. She said she learned from talking to the jurors that they had their minds made up before the three-and-a-half hour deliberation began.

“They corroborated what my dad and I always thought — which was that they didn’t do their job,” she said. “They pulled testimony just to cover up that they already knew what their answer was when they went into that jury room and they wasted our time for three-and-a-half hours.”

Simpson was acquitted but would go on to serve time in prison for a separate crime from 2008-2017. He opened up to the Associated Press this week, saying he doesn’t want to talk about the infamous case again.

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On “GMA,” Kim and her father, Fred, remembered Ron as a protective big brother who was close to his sister.

“If she had some issue, Ron was always going to jump in and take care of it,” Fred said. “There was one time where Kim had some issue on the school bus, and Ron jumped in. He was there the next day to give the kid a litle knowledge that he better not do it again.”

Fred Goldman pointed out that, if his son were alive today, he would be 50 years old.

“The pain is always there, the loss is always there,” Fred said. “It never goes away.”

ABC News contributed to this report.


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